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Thank you for your interest in PHILLY EZ CREDIT! Our goal is to provide you with the best financing options available to you. By establishing a pre-qualified credit line with us, you will be able to actually shop for a vehicle much the same as a cash buyer! Your extra buying power and our special pricing commitment will help you obtain the new ... or pre-owned vehicle of your dreams for less than you ever thought possible.


PHILLY EZ CREDIT realizes that almost 70% of today's consumers have a less than a perfect credit rating. We have over 20 national lenders with millions to lend. We have had success helping car buyers with credit challenges, bankruptcies, and repossessions get into a new vehicle or pre-owned vehicle ... and 100% approval is our goal! We have the experience to help. Walk in with confidence of prequalification. We know that the choice is yours and we want to earn your business.


Complete the form on this page to begin the pre-qualification process, our selected dealer will contact you to discuss your next new ride. You can also contact us by phone at 215-290-7894. Make sure you identify yourself as a PHILLY EZ CREDIT customer to make sure you receive all your benefits. Thank you for using PHILLY EZ CREDIT! We hope that you will enjoy both your buying experience AND your new vehicle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you tired of being declined for Auto Loans? A. At EZ PHILLY CREDIT we specialize in providing Auto Loans and refinancing to people with less than perfect credit. Don't let your credit problems prevent you from getting the vehicle you want. There is an auto loan out there for just about anyone. You just need to know where to look. Q. Can I get an Auto Loan if I have claimed Bankruptcy? A. Yes! Qualifying for an Auto Loan With Bankruptcy on your credit report can be very difficult. Lenders are reluctant to provide a car buyer with an Auto Loan With Bankruptcy in their past. The reasoning behind this is that if a person has defaulted on a loan in the past they might just do it again. At EZ PHILLY CREDIT we will work with our lenders for you in order to secure financing for your next vehicle. Q. What will my interest rate be? A. At EZ PHILLY CREDIT our job is to get you the best interest rate possible in order for your payments to be low and affordable. Credit situations cause interest rates to vary. The great news is that often times, EZ PHILLY CREDIT can get credit challenged customers a single digit interest rate. If you have a trade-in and have been working toward rebuilding your credit score by paying your car loans on time, there’s an even greater chance that our dealers can get you an aggressive rate. Q. Is it possible to use my Pension and/or Social Security as income for my vehicle loan? A. Yes! When you are applying for a car loan, every little bit can help. Many lenders allow dealers to use a percentage over your social security/pension income (because it is tax free). This means that they will allow up to 125% of your income. If you get $1000 per month in social security income for example, you would be able to tell the bank that you earn $1250 per month. Just ask our specialists how we can assist you with this type of situation. Our network of dealers know how to deal with any situation and will guide you in finding the best option for your financial standing. Q. Is it better to buy a new vehicle or a used vehicle with bad credit? A. It depends on your unique situation. Our dealership credit specialists will assist you in finding a vehicle that helps your credit situation by finding an affordable solution whether it is new or used. We are here to do what makes sense for you and your budget. Our dealership vehicle selection offers both low-priced pre-owned vehicles and low new car payment options. Q. I have heard that you use the AutoTrakk System?
What is that?
A. The Auto Trakk System provides lease financing on late model dependable cars for our customers with poor to very poor credit. AutoTrakk combines an easy to manage weekly lease payment with a payment protection device that encourages customers to make their payment on time. AutoTrakk is community based financing and warranty and GAP protection is provided for every AutoTrakk deal.